Kinu M47 Classic Manual Coffee Grinder Review

I finally decided to invest in a high-end manual coffee grinder and in doing so, go further down the rabbit hole in pursuit of that perfect cup.

I've been experimenting with using different beans to develop my sense of taste for different flavours in coffee. However, I had trouble differentiating between beans with very different taste profiles - they all seem to taste very similar when brewed with my French press. After learning about the importance of an even grind size, I began to suspect that my previous entry level grinder might be to blame.

I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade all the way to the Kinu M47 Classic. Here's a quick review after a month of use.

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Book Review: Leadership and Self-Deception

My rating: 4 / 5

This book presents some simple ideas on how often we deceive ourselves in an accessible way that will probably make you feel uncomfortable by the time you're finished.

That being said, if you're already familiar with the value of observing the self, the ideas here won't be too foreign.

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Automating Sprint Review Slides with Pandoc

In the MyCareersFuture team, we conduct sprint reviews at the end of the sprint to showcase what the team has achieved. We use PowerPoint slides to highlight stories that have been done and those which are still being worked on. Preparing this by hand was time-consuming. Here's how we automated the process.

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An Introduction to Web Accessibility

If you're looking for a comprehensive introduction to web accessibility, this article is for you. I'll introduce web accessibility, how it is measured by the WCAG and simple but impactful changes you can make to your sites today to make them more accessible.

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